Mark Dennis

Senior Landscape Architect

Through the entanglement of ideas and the search for design solutions, Mark looks for clarity and inspiration with open ears and trained eyes. Mark seeks deeper perspectives and discovers shared breakthroughs by asking his clients the right questions. Mark’s design process is informed by deep understanding of the art and science of landscape architecture, combined with an honest assessment of site constraints, client needs and new opportunities. He develops a deep familiarity with each project and grasps the imperatives of the site and its context.  Always cognizant of his professional and ethical responsibilities as a landscape architect, Mark has a passion to bring a new quality to a place. Mark closes the gap with clients, who know they are being heard. Through analysis, craft, and dialogue, he works not in isolation but in unison with clients.  Mark’s focus on curating the highest quality results helps to distinguish Knot as a leading design firm.

Favorite Knot Color Pairing
MA, University of Michigan,
Landscape Architecture

BA, University of Texas,
RLA, Texas 2963
AICP, 29109
VA #002132