Olivia Cuenca

Experiential Designer

In every design, Olivia seeks new ways to create environments and enliven spaces. This can only be done through truly understanding the client’s needs and requests. As a member of Knot’s experiential design team, Olivia wants not only to deliver beautiful results but also achieve cohesive, immersive experiences that affect change for the client and end-user. She believes in going above and beyond to deliver a representational understanding of the unique qualities of a client and the space. Honest conversations about the challenges and ideals for projects keep Olivia and clients on the same path. Careful consideration of possible design solutions emerges from a designer’s greatest skill: listening. What is the best solution to a design challenge? Through the design process, Olivia remains open and understanding and seeks to draw a client’s honest opinions with consistent check-ins and feedback throughout the entire project. Olivia’s goal of executing designs in the most strategic and relevant way helps her to exceed expectations by creating memorable spaces.

Favorite Knot Color Pairing
Savannah College of Art & Design,
BFA Fibers, Production Design