Working from a place of expertise and mastery

With projects spanning the globe, Knot’s passion lies in shaping the human experience of place and reinforcing the natural systems that sustain us. As specialists in Landscape Architecture, Spatial Analytics, and Experiential Graphic Design, our work is adaptive, sensitive, and research-driven. Our team has learned to dive into working across disciplines to identify and synthesize creative tensions in service to our design principles of entanglement, ecologies, exploration, collaboration, and stewardship.

Ecosystem of Ideas

Our core offerings are Landscape Architecture, Spatial Analytics, and Experiential Graphic Design. In order for people to connect to environment and place, designed experiences must be more than the sum of their parts. This requires the expertise of thoughtful, anti-disciplinary problem-solvers. We are committed to the co-mingling of ideas across disciplines, acting as members of a diverse, interdependent ecosystem of ideas.

Approachable, reliable, diverse

Become a specialist

Our team is growing in diversity, size, and expertise. Our office environment is open and bright. At times we are quiet and intense as we focus on complex challenges. At other times, the energy buzzes around our office and laughter erupts. We take our work very seriously, we love what we do, but above all we value each other. If this sounds like a good fit for your future, reach out to us—we look forward to meeting you.

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