Oregon Historical Society

Portland, OR
Wayfinding Through History

Knot’s wayfinding program helps visitors to the Oregon Historical Society feel welcomed upon entry and oriented within the building’s multiple floors and collections.


Although history can be a maze, making your way through a historical museum shouldn’t be. At the Oregon Historical Society, incremental growth and increased square footage for exhibits has meant more room to tell the stories of Oregon’s past — from its Native American heritage to its progressive environmental initiatives. But the growth has come at a cost: new additions and renovations have created more complicated passages for more than 50,000 visitors each year. Knot’s comprehensive wayfinding program clarified the path through history. Knot’s signage made it simpler for all, from staff to large groups of school children.


The building entry now features a bolder and more informative graphic composition, while the entry desk features an overhead sign clearly visible for everyone in line. Knot’s “You Are Here” maps illustrate how the building levels are arranged and identify spaces for exhibits, the library and important amenities such as restrooms. Maps also detail easiest routes to the building’s three elevators, and visitor brochures feature Knot’s new map design. Knot’s signage and wayfinding solutions help bring history alive—guiding visitors to the museum’s interactive exhibits, visiting exhibits and the rich selection of permanent artifacts on display. The museum’s wayfinding program complements the mission of the museum to be a valuable resource, and helps bring Oregon’s history alive.

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Oregon Historical Society
Oregon Historical Society
Photography Credits: Josh Partee