Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

Beaverton, OR
Designing a Cultural Jewel

Great art requires talent and determination. Building a showcase for the arts is equally ambitious. The Center for the Arts is a watershed development in Beaverton’s history — a city that is balancing high livability standards with the need for rapid growth.

Knot designed the environmental graphics for this center that will bring the community together while bridging its surrounding urban and natural environments. Knot’s design weaves the greatest elements of the building’s design with its environment, creating ties between urban hardscape and the beauty of an adjacent stream. As Beaverton’s cultural jewel, the new theater, art gallery, exhibit space, and classrooms, will be a unifying force in the city’s diverse culture. A firm understanding of the architectural narrative drove Knot’s design process, which included exercises using visioning cards to create a theme for the environmental graphics design.

Research into the rich natural history of this Washington County city revealed the important role of an adjacent stream to the area’s overall ecosystem. With this deep understanding gained from iterative experimentation, Knot designed a program that celebrates the site’s subtle natural beauties while also communicating the center’s architectural language.

For a deeper look, see our case study.

45,000 sq ft building, 2.8-acre site
Patricia Reser Center for the Arts
Opsis Architecture