Stanford University, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Biology Research Building

Palo Alto, OR
Fostering New Patterns of Collaboration

The Bass Biology Research Building allows biology faculty and students — who once were dispersed around Stanford’s campus — to work and socialize in a shared environment designed to foster breakthroughs and new ways of thinking about the life sciences. Knot designers, working with a wide range of stakeholder groups, were integral to creating a one-of-a-kind interactive art piece installed over the entrance to the Bass Biology Research Building. Titled “Morphogenesis,” the 32-foot tall installation displays digital media controlled by a touch screen panel that showcases interactive art generated by patterns found in nature, and allows users to experience a magical connection with the structure. 

Stanford’s support, and enthusiasm for fostering ground-breaking collaborative work gave the team freedom to explore themes such as “Patterns in Nature,” which became the cornerstone for Knot’s design language. Multiple workshops and an integrated approach to finding solutions yielded a graphics program for Bass Biology Research Building that creates identity and context to empower all who learn and work in this unique facility.

For a deeper look, see our case study.

134,500 sf
Stanford University
Ennead Architects, Flad Architects