U.S. Consulate Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco
Reflecting Rich Traditions

Casablanca is situated on the Atlantic Coast of northern Morocco.  The city is the economic capital of the country and has one of the largest man-made ports in the world.  Its culture is informed by the confluence of sub-Saharan African, Mediterranean, European as well as its native Berber and Arabic influences with its rich heritage of craft including wood carving, metal work, ceramic tiling, plaster art and carpet weaving.


The site is a 6.9-acre parcel in the Cite de la Air neighborhood of Casa Anfa, surrounded primarily by mid-rise residential housing developments.  A light rail tram line borders the northeast edge of the site with two stations providing convenient access to the site.  The new Consulate campus will incorporate a 7,800 square meter Consulate office building, entry pavilions, support facilities and extensive gardens for staff, consular and American Center visitors.  This new Consulate serves as the only location within the country to provide Moroccans with Non-Immigrant Visas and Americans Citizen Services to the growing number of Americans traveling for business and tourism.


The design of the new Consulate campus and building draws on the traditions of the Moroccan urban form of a medina and its rich history of craft. The buildings are organized within the campus around outdoor gardens that embrace traditional ideas of Moorish and Islamic garden design.


Strategies to advance sustainability and resiliency are integrated into the design throughout the project.  The design prioritized potable water use reduction by selection of native plants to reduce landscape irrigation.

6.9 acres
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Overseas Building Operations
The Miller Hull Partnership